Monday, January 24, 2011

Home Match and Sundance

Saturday was our first home match of the year vs. Washington. We had a great match against the Huskies and then I jetted up to Sundance for the festival. My awesome Uncle Stanton owns PCTV and always invites us up to see a few movies during the festival. Although it was freeeezing and we decided to walk to our movies it was a blast. I am just looking forward to our next tennis trip... (we leave tomorrow for Hawaii!!) Hopefully my face will see the sun because I am looking pretty white!

Doing what I do

Aren't our new uniforms cute?

My cousin Kierstin and I having fun while freezing

Ps. If any of you are interested our tennis team also has a blog of all of our trips and matches! check it out...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Need your help...

So I have been thinking lately that it is time to get a new sofa... problem is I do not know which one I want to get and yes, both of these sofas look very similar yet they are very different... so I need your help... which one do you like better??

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Recently I went to dinner with my dear friend Amy Wiseman. We ate at BJ's pizzeria and walked around a weird mall. As we were walking around we spotted a photobooth and decided we wanted to try it out.. but we forgot... Luckily, I remembered that my REALLY creative cousin Stanton created a website that can turn your pictures in to a photobooth picture strip (I know, really cool)... So before I said goodbye I snapped a few silly shots of Amy and I in the car and turned it into this!

Stanton's website is called and is free! You upload the pictures and voila! you're done and then can download the image, email, or buy prints. Check it out and spread the word!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NYC Storyboard

These last few months I have slacked on the blogging front to say the least... so this is my attempt to do a little bit of catch up via storyboard since I have wayy too many pictures from my trip to New York City!(this is about 2 months late)
01. This is where it all started... Amy came to town to visit Jessie and I, we decided we needed to have a girls trip... 02. We took the redeye into NYC, this shows how fab we look once we landed... 03. It rained all day and was super cold so we strolled around until we could check in but one highlight was getting tickets to Letterman that night to see Steve Martin!... 04. Day 2 began with our venture out to Soho to get some delicious pizza and... 05. Hot chocolate. 06. In Soho we shopped til we dropped and then some.
07. We ventured to Serendipity but stopped in Dylan's candy shop while we waited for our table... 08. Serendipity post meal and post frozen hot chocolate... 09. Day 3 took the red bus tour around to see the statue of liberty... 10. Warmed up inside the Plaza hotel, so beautiful!... 11. Met Connor (my cousin) to ride bikes through Central Park but ended up walking the bikes... 12. Jumping in Central Park
13. Thank goodness Connor was there and patient enough to take a lot of pictures of us in Central Park!... 14. At the fountain in Central Park... 15. Connor and I left the gals to meet up with Stanton and Rubi (my cousin and his wife)... Love stantons face in this one... 16. Decided to go to the Brooklyn bridge to see the city lights (freeezing) but stopped by Dayna's work to surprise her on our way!... 17. Freezing on the bridge... 18. Then took the subway to Stanton and Rubi's place in Harlem
19. Actually putting the bikes into use Connor gave me a tour of Columbia, the Hudson and a few of his favorite spots at 12 am or so which happened to be my favorite part of the day... 20. Camera timed posers...21. Connor the tour guide once again coming to the rescue to take us to Brooklyn's Egg and the Brooklyn flea market... 22. On the way to brunch at Egg we ran into the NYC Marathon and ran through it(so fun!) ... 23. Ladies in the subway... 24. Finished off the trip/day by walking from Brooklyn back to Manhattan over the bridge...

We had a busy and fun few days in NYC... even though it was freezing I loved being in the big city!