Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sister Love

Happy Birthday to my best friend and little sister McCall. McCall is such a hard worker and I am so proud of her and everything she has accomplished. She currently plays tennis at UCLA and they are ranked #1 in the nation! Not only is she an awesome tennis player, she is a gorgeous girl inside and out. Love you McCall! Wish I could be there with you!

I took these pics of her on her wedding day back in September!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Creative outlet

I love browsing other blogs and getting inspired. I will have to admit that my own blog is pretty boring... for the following reasons: I am dressed in sweats EVERY DAY. My job as a tennis coach means Nike sweats every day on a pretty steady rotation. No fashion/cute outfit posts for me... I spend most of my time on the tennis court coaching. Tennis tips may not make for the most exciting content (unless you are an aspiring tennis player)... I do not have kids, I have a cat. Enough said... I do love design but I do not do enough creative projects/design to warrant an original content design blog.

Between my Nike sweat wearing, tennis coaching, cat loving, my purpose for this blog is just to be a creative outlet from here on out.