Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Bird and The Bee - My Love

I LOVE this song, the music video was weird so I went with this version. What songs do you love right now? I am attempting to put some good music on my ipod but do not know what songs to put on! Help!

Latest Obsession(s)

So I have found myself obsessed with a few things lately... I usually would not say I am a shoe person but I have found myself obsessed with shoes! These are the latest ones I have picked up... Also another weird obsession for this time of year, hoodies. These hoodies are so comfy I LOVE them and actually have 4 colors (whoops!)

Alternative apparel hoodies, sooo soft!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tim + Becky

He... is a waiter at a sweet restaurant... will be going to school in New Orleans this summer... loves becky f.

She... will be graduating in a few days... is looking forward to a honeymoon on the beaches of CA... loves tim q.

They... got engaged in Venice, Italy on a gondola... will be getting married in D.C. in June... will be having a sweet reception in PA.

I... get to take their pictures on their special day. Go HERE for the rest of the engagement shots.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I heart MARC

Just got this bad boy... its black and simple... I think I am in love.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Arizona Sun

A few weekends ago I ventured down to the Arizona sun with the tennis team. It was the best trip in a while since we got to see the sun and walk outside at night without a jacket, I LOVED IT! It made me sad to come back since it was snowing in Utah when we returned :( While in AZ I got to meet up with my BFF and former college roommate of 4 years Brittany. Brittany picked me up and we went to Sauce, a delicious pizza place in Scottsdale. After we shopped and actually bought a BFF friendship skirt (we just bought the same Anthro skirt) We decided that we have turned into boring old ladies compared to our wild rambunctious days in Provo together, but regardless we still had fun. Overall it was a great trip full of a sun tan, fun reunion, and lots of tennis! Britt, you have to come visit me next time :)

mmmm... Sauce
On court working hard :)
Beautiful weather!!
Utah, can you please warm up soon FOR GOOD??