Monday, July 19, 2010

Eighty Five

Today was Grandpa Jones' 85th Bday. I recently spent last weekend at home celebrating with him and family in CA. One thing to know about my grandpa is that he is the most kind person I know. I am not just saying that because he is my grandpa, he truly is the definition of kindness. I sure love him and had so much fun spending some quality time with him this past weekend! Happy 85th!

During his time as a radio operator/gunner in WW2
At the site where David killed Goliath

Keepin it cool in his shades and backwards hat
Please excuse my nudity here

This past weekend enjoying some ice cream in the heat at Balboa

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I figured since it is the weekend of the fourth I would post about our time in the nations capitol. As mentioned in the previous post, Kirk and I went out to D.C. for a wedding... drove to Pittsburgh to go to a wedding reception... then drove back to D.C to see the sites before heading back. Saturday was our day to go out and see everything bc it was the only day we really had open! First we took the bus to the pentagon metro station. We got on the metro and took the first stop to Arlington Cemetery. The cemetery was crazy at how large it was with rows and rows of white gravestones. We ventured around for a while up and down the hills and made our way over to the tomb of the unknown soldier, which honors all the soldiers that were killed but bodies weren't found or identified... From there we got back on the metro and headed to the "mall" where we went to the Washington Monument. It was super tall in person and pretty amazing. We had to take a little breather before walking down to Lincoln Memorial. I opted to walk along the pond to the memorial instead of taking the shaded sidewalk so we could get the full experience. We made it to Lincoln and I was so surprised at how large he was, I always imagined he was not much taller than me (since I am so tall ha)... Our next stop was the white house, which was neat but you could not get very close up to it so that was a bit of a bummer... By this time we were both EXTREMELY hot from the 94 degree weather and humidity and had some pretty sore feet. Kirk had the idea to head down to Adams Morgan to get a "Huge Slice of Pizza". Little did we know that we had a long walk to the subway to get there and when we got there we had a mile walk to the pizza and a mile walk back to the metro! No pizza is worth that much walking after being exhausted from walking all day. We made it to the pizza, ate it quick and headed back to see some Smithsonians. We went to two of the Smithsonians and then decided to walk to the capitol before heading back to the metro to end the day... It was a great day full of a ton of sightseeing, a lot of sweating, a ridiculous amount of walking and sore feet but overall very fun! (warning there are a lot of pics!)

First time in the D.C. Metro
Arlington Cemetery
Tomb of the unknown soldier

Walking to the metro!

Taking a break at the Washington Monument

Had to get a jumping picture
Walking to Lincoln

Honest Abe
Some more jumping
White House
Trying to cool down in the crazy weather
Walking to the metro... again
Huge Slice of Pizza... It appears I am kissing the pizza but I am really eating it.
Sore feet... fyi do not wear rainbows if you are going to be walking long distances ALL DAY. We wish we would have worn tennis shoes (George Costanza style!)