Friday, July 31, 2009

I think ill go to Boston...

This post is a little overdue. About a month ago I went to Boston to recruit at a professional tennis tournament. My sister McCall came and played in the tournament and my Mom came for fun. When we weren't at the tennis courts watching and playing we were exploring the city of Boston! Unfortunately the whole time we were there it was really cold and raining. The first day we were caught without umbrellas when it started pouring. We found some plastic bags and ran around trying not to get too wet. We had a blast going to the different sites, shopping, and eating really good food! I want to go back and visit soon.

Papa Razzi, the delicious and oh-so-hard to find Italian restaurant

We love our rain boots 
In front of one of our favorite stores on Newberry Street

In Boston, they give you the whole lobster
Raining downtown 

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So I have been on the hunt all summer for a sidestrap long bag to wear around! I have been looking everywhere trying to find something. Yesterday while I was up in Park City I went to the Coach outlet and found this little number. I am quite happy with it but am not so sure about the metalic silver! What do you think?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

In the works...

A while ago I found a pair of wingback chairs on Craigslist 2 for $25. My plan was to get them recovered but when I found out that the average cost to have it recovered was around 200 I thought it defeated the purpose of the cheap chairs. Being the crazy DIY person that I am I took it upon myself to figure out how to recover them myself. I am still in the process of recovering it but though I would post my progress thus far. It was a lot harder than I thought to get the fabric off. It killed my hands so I had Kirk help me and it also killed his hands. Once Im finished I will post the before and after!
Hard at work

 Sore hands 

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hot Weather and Vinegar

For some reason when it gets really hot outside, I crave sour foods, especially vinegar. Since I have been spending quite a lot of time outside at the BYU tennis camps I have been wanting everything sour. Does anyone else feel this way? I thought I would share my favorite vinegar recipes!

My favorites are:

Tomatoes and Avocado in Vinegar
1 cut up tomato
1 half cut up avocado
1 cup rice vinegar or the vinegar of your choice
lots of salt 

Cucumbers in Vinegar
2 cucumbers peeled and cut into thin pieces
1 half white onion cut up 
put them into the special dressing which is:
1 drinking cup full of white vinegar
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon or less dry mustard
a shake or two of paprika
double the dressing recipe and put cucumbers and onions in bowl with the dressing! delicious!

Delicious Poppy-Seed Dressing (for a yummy summer salad!)
1 drinking cup full of white vinegar
2 tbsp oil (you can add more oil if its too sour for you)
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp or less dry mustard
1 tbsp poppy seed
Mix well!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Fourth

This Fourth of July we had fun spending time with family. Kirk had to work during the day but after we went to the freedom festival with Craig, Keith, Brit, Kirk's Mom Carrie, and Kory. My cousin Kierstin and her husband Brian met up with us and we all went to Los Hermanos. Afterward, Kirk and I went with Kierstin and Brian to a park to watch the Stadium of fire fireworks. While we were waiting I got to meet up with Jess and Brody and her family. 
It was a great day!
Kirk and I taking a break from the Freedom Festival

The Spencer crew celebrating the 4th (Kory, Brit, Keith, Carrie, Kirk and I)
Two of my favorite people, Jess and the Brodster (my little bf)
With my cousin Kierstin and her husband Brian waiting for the fireworks
 (and yes we are coincidentally matching)
Stadium of Fire!
Hope you all had a Happy 4th of July!