Sunday, November 30, 2008

Luna de Miel

Kirk and I just got back from our honeymoon to Cancun and it was amazing! We stayed at the Casa Magna Marriott which was right on the water. It was quite an adventure to be in a foreign country together, we tried to stay away from the real touristy stuff and ventured off to tulum and playa de carmen and into the heart of cancun. Thank goodness Kirk could speak a little spanish and understand what they were saying ( I took French in High School). We got in on Sat. then on Sunday relaxed on the beach and recovered from our all day travel the day before. Monday we signed up for a Forest Jungle tour, we got to drive our own little boat through the "forest" and went out to snorkel, that was Kirk's highlight for sure driving that boat since they went pretty fast. Tuesday we went down to Tulum and didnt know that it would be a 2 and a half hour bus drive but it was good to see nonetheless. Wed. we took the bus again down to Playa de Carmen and explored. Thursday we relaxed on the beach again before we had to take off to come back to the US. It was a blast and so much fun, we cant wait to go back!!! (Sorry about so many posts in one day, I just was really behind and need to catch up! )

Our Elder

On Nov. 19th my brother Alex went into the MTC. It was a pretty big deal considering the fact that he is the only boy in our family! He made sure that he got his fill of Mexican food before he went in just in case they didnt have good Mexican food in Atlanta Georgia. So we all went to the Red Iguana the night before, then the day of we went to Cafe Rio right before we dropped him off. The MTC was quite an emotional experience! My mom, sister and I started crying in the beginning when they sang "Called to Serve" haha and of course everyone cried when they said their last goodbyes. Elder Jones is going to be a great Missionary and we are so proud of him!


We're Married!

So a lot has been going on in the last little bit! Kirk and I got married on November 1 and though it may sound cheesy, it was the perfect day. I was prepared for things to go crazy or off that day which most people forewarn you about to not worry about but everything went so smoothly! I have only a few pics from the wedding so ill wait until I get all of my wedding pics which should be coming any day now. We also had a wedding reception in Colorado Springs in Kirk's hometown which turned out beautiful as well! We got to go to the BYU vs Air Force game and see all the sites. Carrie did a great job with the reception and it was just a fun weekend! here are a few pics... the first one is in Colorado and all the rest are from Nov. 1!